The US Election November 2020- part 1

By Dr Manish Pandit

We will have to wait and see what Kamala Harris does if she were indeed to get elected to the White House.

However a few things are clear:

1. She isn’t a Hindu and definitely not a Brahmin… and she herself has never publicly accepted that she is a Hindu. In fact she is a Baptist and the dirt surfacing on her (and it will only intensify) is that she blocked prosecution of abusive priests (if memory serves right in San Francisco)

3. There is mention of financial irregularities in her past record and if there is truth to it then the chances of her coming down hard pre or post election are reasonable.

2. She spoke extensively on Kashmir and the tenor and direction of her past speeches has been anti India and it’s entirety… we will have to see if that continues in the run up to the election and after or whether this will soften. I personally doubt it but politicians can change. This last however looks unlikely.

4. The problem most people will face is that on one hand she is being presented as Indian.. on the other hand is Trump who has lost an opportunity to do something credible in his last 4 years (not that it will matter to his supporters… )

The decision this November between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is what it comes down to.

Conclusion: If we compare it to 2016, Kamala Harris is way more electable than Hillary Clinton. Remember too that in 2016, a vast proportion of Democrat voters stayed at home because of Hillary. This is the deficit that the Democrats hope to address this time around along with the Indian population, a proportion of whom may tend to vote based on Harris’s nominal Tam Brahm identity.

Thus it is likely that a sizeable population of black, Hispanic and Latino voters and women will come out of their houses to vote (and they will be pro Democrat) because of her (that was missing in the last election).. this will narrow the gap between Trump and Biden in key states.

Let us see what happens come November.

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