National Security in the UPA era 2004-2013 vs BJP era 2014 onwards

by Dr Manish Pandit

(3:38 min short film) by Saraswati films based on SATP theatres of conflict data outside J&K, NE and Punjab.

This is is now August of 2019. The nation appears secure, Indians go about their daily business and enjoy their lives. The last 5 years have largely seen an ocean of peace within most civilian areas of India. Barring a few attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and on the army and military, India has witnessed a calm which wasn’t quite the case until a few years back.

The Congress run, UPA Govt. era saw a shocking run of terror attacks, one after the other, the worst of these attacks was 2008 November. This attack came to be known as 26/11.
The following short film, which can be found on YouTube made by Saraswati films (@mmpandit on Twitter) gives an overview of all such attacks during the UPA Era.

It now seems so odd that the Congress and UPA Government could not control such attacks, what was the issue? Why couldn’t they control such attacks? Is it purely because the Modi Govt. is much better or is there something else?

This is a 3 minute short film by Dr. Manish Pandit which explains these facts succinctly.
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To read Dr Manish Pandit’s spiritual blog, check out
mmpandit.wordpress.comA link to MumbaiGirl’s blog on filmmaking:
http://mumbaigirlindublin.blogspot.comA link to the well known blog on False Flag/ Selective Intolerance:
https://falseflagintolerance.blogspot.comFollow Saraswati Films on Twitter at @mmpandit

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