The Essential Tenets of National Security


What are the factors needed for National Security? Let’s go to the end point of contact with the public first. ie. the police force. A confident police force with a high morale is essential to the security of the nation. One can argue that a competent police force which acts prior to the commission of a crime, or if that is not possible, then one which acts to arrest the culprits or effectively otherwise deal with them if the first option is not possible, is essential to national security.

The second point:

Effective intelligence gathering and coordination between different agencies of the Government is absolutely important to National Security.

The third point: Action on intelligence provided at the correct time and with appropriate force is the factor which is most important for National security.

This is a short film on how the CBI under the watch of the UPA Govt. tried to prosecute Special Intelligence Bureau Director: Rajinder Kumar despite the fact that he had run a very through operation in the Ishrat Jahan case. Can we trust anybody else with our National security?

It is important to remember that in 2015, under the auspices first Modi Sarkar, the Govt. refused to prosecute the special Intelligence Director: Rajinder Kumar… what would have happened if Modi had not been elected in 2014?

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